Controlling Clutter in Your Child’s Playroom

Kids playing in the roomWith the new year almost here, now is a great time to rid your home of clutter starting with your child’s playroom. After the holidays you may find that your child’s playroom is getting a little out of hand and there’s no space for all the new toys your child received. What we’ve come to learn is when it comes to a playroom, less is really more. The more organized your child’s playroom is, the more your child will be able to engage in creative and developmentally beneficial play. Here are some tips you can use to control clutter in your playroom.


Get rid of old toys

This will make the biggest change in getting rid of clutter in your child’s playroom. The truth is your child probably doesn’t play with a lot of the toys he/she owns. When they receive new toys, kids are quick to forget about all their old ones and only focus on new toys. Make a deal with them to donate an old toy to a child in need for every new toy they receive.


Set up play areas

If you have a large playroom, one way to keep organized is to create separate play areas. One corner of the room can be a designated art area full of arts & crafts supplies. Another area can be a reading corner full of books and another area can be for block play, etc. Having these separate spaces can go a long way in keeping the room more organized.


Label boxes and bins

Instead of having piles of toys everywhere and not being able to keep track of them, organize everything into boxes and bins that are labelled so your child knows exactly where to find what she’s looking for. This also makes clean up time a lot easier since everything has its own place.


Place things within child’s reach

Many times when organizing or decorating a playroom, parents will place things on shelves that are high up and out of their child’s reach. Remember that this space is meant for a child so it should be decorated and organized from your child’s perspective. Use kid-friendly furniture like small tables and chairs that will also take up less space.


Rotate your toys

If your child gets bored of his toys too quickly, put some of them in storage in an attic or basement and then rotate them out every few weeks. This way you are not buying new toys every time your child gets bored and adding to the clutter. He will be playing with the same toys he already owns but they will feel new because he hasn’t played with them in a while. In fact, he will probably even forget about them entirely and be thrilled when he sees them once again.


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